Financing and Economics with

Investing in an ADU, whether it’s a granny flat or an in-law suite, is not just about creating additional living space; it’s also a significant financial decision. At, a division of Wizdom Construction serving San Diego County, we guide you through the financial intricacies, ensuring that your ADU project is both a valuable and viable investment.

Cost Breakdown of Building an ADU

Understanding the cost components of an ADU is essential for effective budgeting. We offer transparent cost breakdowns, detailing everything from material costs to labor, permitting, and finishing touches. This allows you to plan your finances and make informed decisions.

Financing Options (Loans, Grants, etc.)

The right financing can make your ADU project a reality. This is where our trusted partners come into play:

  • American Mortgage Network: Renowned for its expertise in home loans, mortgages, and 2nd mortgage solutions, they have established themselves as the go-to institution for tailored financing options in San Diego, California.
  • Specializing in Home Equity Line of Credit, they provide flexible financing solutions, making it easier to fund your ADU project while leveraging the equity in your home.
  • A trusted platform for a range of mortgage solutions tailored to the unique needs of San Diego residents.

Together, these resources ensure that you have access to the best financing avenues, tailored to your specific requirements and financial situation.

Return on Investment (ROI)

An ADU can offer substantial returns, both in terms of property value and potential rental income. We provide insights into potential ROI, considering factors like location, ADU size, and prevailing market conditions in San Diego.

Renting Out ADUs: Potential Income and Considerations

Considering renting out your ADU? San Diego’s housing market offers promising rental yields. We guide you through potential income projections, while also advising on tenant considerations, lease agreements, and local regulations.

Impact on Property Value

An ADU doesn’t just add living space; it adds considerable value to your property. Whether you’re looking to sell in the future or leverage the increased equity, our team helps you understand the potential growth in property value post-ADU completion.

With, you’re not just getting construction expertise; you’re gaining a financial partner. Leveraging the best in financing resources from American Mortgage Network,, and, we ensure your ADU project in San Diego is both a dream come true and a sound economic decision.