Types of ADUs with SanDiegoADUSpecialists.com

At SanDiegoADUSpecialists.com, a trusted division of Wizdom Construction, we understand that every property is unique. Serving the entirety of San Diego County, we specialize in crafting a variety of ADU styles, ensuring that every homeowner can find the perfect match for their needs. Whether it’s a granny flat, an in-law suite, or any other form of ADU, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Detached ADUs

Often referred to as standalone granny flats or backyard cottages, detached ADUs are separate structures from the main house. They offer great privacy and can be custom-designed to match or contrast the design of the primary residence. Many homeowners in San Diego choose detached ADUs for the freedom they offer in design and placement on the property.

Attached ADUs

An attached ADU is an extension of the main house. It could be built alongside, as a rear extension, or even as an additional floor. These are perfect for homeowners who want to maintain a close connection between the main residence and the granny flat or in-law suite.

Garage Conversions

Why let your garage space go to waste when it can be transformed into a cozy living space? Garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular in San Diego. With SanDiegoADUSpecialists.com at the helm, we ensure that the conversion process is smooth, retaining the structural integrity of the space while making it a fully functional ADU.

Basement Conversions

Turn that underutilized basement into a vibrant living space! Basements offer a unique charm and can be converted into comfortable in-law suites or rental units. With the right lighting, ventilation, and design, we can transform a basement into a beautiful ADU that offers both comfort and functionality.

Above-Garage ADUs

Maximize the utility of your garage by adding an ADU on top! Often referred to as carriage houses or garage apartments, these units are great for those looking to capitalize on vertical space. Offering an elevated view and separate entry, above-garage ADUs are a blend of privacy and convenience.

At SanDiegoADUSpecialists.com, we’re not just building ADUs; we’re creating homes. Each type of ADU presents its own unique opportunities, and we’re committed to delivering excellence in every project. Serving the San Diego County community, we invite you to explore the myriad possibilities ADUs offer with us.