Introduction to ADUs with

Welcome to, a dedicated division of Wizdom Construction, serving all of San Diego County. We are your trusted local experts in building and consulting on Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) or as they are more commonly known – granny flats and in-law suites.

What is an ADU?

An ADU, or Auxiliary Dwelling Unit, is a secondary housing unit that exists on a property that usually has a primary residence. Whether it’s a standalone structure in the backyard, a converted garage, or a unit attached to the main house, ADUs are independent living spaces with their own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and sleeping quarters.

In San Diego, ADUs are frequently referred to as granny flats or in-law suites, reflecting their common use as housing for extended family members. With the expertise of, creating these unique spaces becomes a seamless experience.

The Journey of ADUs: From Past to Present

The concept of ADUs, or granny flats, is not new. They have been a part of global architectural history for centuries, providing families with a way to accommodate growing needs without compromising their existing residence.

In the U.S., especially in regions like San Diego, the popularity of ADUs has skyrocketed in recent decades. With increasing housing demands, skyrocketing property prices, and changing family dynamics, homeowners are seeing the value in maximizing their existing property space. And that’s where companies like, backed by the renowned Wizdom Construction, step in to provide reliable and professional services tailored to these unique living spaces.

Why Build an ADU in San Diego?

  1. Value Addition: Constructing an ADU can substantially increase your property value, making it a worthy long-term investment.
  2. Rental Income: San Diego’s growing housing demand means you can generate a steady stream of income by renting out your granny flat or in-law suite.
  3. Flexible Space: Whether you need a home office, an art studio, or just additional living space, an ADU provides that flexibility.
  4. Family and Care: They’re perfect for elderly parents, returning children from college, or even as a guest house for visiting friends and family.
  5. Sustainability: Smaller living spaces often mean a smaller carbon footprint. With the right construction expertise, your ADU can be an eco-friendly addition to your property.

Choose for all your ADU needs. Proudly serving every corner of San Diego County, we bring you the best in ADU construction and consultation. Let’s turn your granny flat or in-law suite dream into a reality today!